Hey Beautiful People,

How are you doing today?

I’m I the only person feeliing like summer should just come already; even though the sun is out it’s still cold. I’ve been a bit caught up recently and so I haven’t got around to getting my hair done. So guess who decieded it was time to come out to play?….

My Afro! It was about time I gave it some fresh air. Since I came back from my trip to Nigeria it’s the first time I’ve allowed my hair to get a real break! When I was coming back to Ireland, I made a mistake with the hair style I choose (ghana braids) and you guys know how sensitive my edes are, I experienced a lot of hair breakage. But after taking out my recent braids¬†; I then realised how much my hair had grown. I’m still in the process of growing my edges back but in the mean time I’m enjoying my hair and styling it as I please. It also depends on the time I have in the moring before heading out.

My goal for this summer is to get back to treating my hair and get into a hair care routine. I’ll be sharing this soon on my blog including my favourite essential oils and products¬†that I use .

Last weekend was the first time I went to an event with my natural hair. I always get my hair done in a protective in some type of protective style, whether it’s a weave or braid anything but my natural hair. My four friends graduated and had a collaborated gruduation party. It was such a good night especially since I hadn’t been out in a while. Even better is that one of the girls got proposed to, watching it on snapchat got me so close to tears ( congratulations again) . But the feedback and the complements I got with my hair was another highlight of the night cause I wasn’t expecting it. My Afro was a last minute decision but it turned out nice and puffy .

The picture below best shows my reaction to all the complements I got from the night.

I enjoyed creating this post for you guys.

See you soon,


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