Hey beautiful person

I spoke too soon about the Irish weather, the last few days has been cold and rainy. I guess that’s Irish weather at it’s best- so unpredictable.

 In today’s post I’ve decieded to share a bit more about myself . I’m sure by now you can probably tell that I’m a bit  of a weirdo more politely know as a carefree person. Even at that pictures aren’t always the best at giving enough, besides you’ve been here since day 1 so it’s time I introduced the girl behind mouldedinsideout to you.

I don’t see the need in pretending to be who you’re not, neither do I see the reason for fakeness. Is that even a word ‘fakeness’? but you know what I mean.

My friends don’t believe when I tell them I’m a shy person. Don’t get me wrong, I can be loud and all bubbly but that’s only when I get comfortable which is most of the time. Either ways, I’ll still classify myself a shy person!

I only drink hot water. If the water isn’t kettle boiled I am not satisfied. You should see the faces on the waiter/ waitress whenever it’s my turn to order and I ask for kettle boiled water. My love for hot water dates back to my college days when I couldn’t afford to get 4 – 5 cups of tea per day.  I had to settle for one cup of tea per day and get hot water the rest of the times I craved a hot drink. This has stuck to me as an habbit till this day especially it has  benefits.

I am a touchy person. I love hugs, if I met you for the first time I would give you a big hug. Well at least that was the case until the day I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in so long and as I rushed to give her a hug. The facial reaction I got wasn’t very pleasant; it read ‘ what do you think you’re doing’ which is understandable. It’s her own personal space but it still hurt cause I meant well. So now I’ve learnt unless I know the person personally or vice versa I wouldn’t give hugs. But please feel free to hug me when you see me ; I promise not to make you feel awkward about it!

I am an emotional person. When I was younger I mistaked this for a sign of weakness. Now that I’m a bit older, I see it as part my own strength. It makes me more cautious of the situations I get myself involved in and the relationships I keep. Being an emotional person has put me in vulnerable situation a lot of times. But I’m lucky to have a  great supportive system with my family and a few friends. I’d cry to help me release negative or overwhelming energies and I’m not just talking relationship dilemas. This could be related to bereavement or work pressure. I don’t deal with these emotions from the start, it builds up making me cranky, overwhlemed and it then becomes a burden. Can you relate to this feeling? 
For me my breaking down point is when I cry…that’s when I feel I can’t take it anymore! When I get the time to finally reflect; if it’s something I have the capability to control I do my best to control it and if not which is the case sometimes I let it go. Especially when it’s to do with the loss of someone. I rely on my support system and pray for comfort.  That’s one of the thing I love about prayer, it helps me release negative energies when I feel burdened. 

Not everyone deserves you. I’ve struggled to come to terms with this but it’s the truth.

I would like to believe I am goal driven but one thing I know for sure is the passion I have for everything I do. Whether I’m blogging, singing,working and the many other things I do. The first thing I identify with is my passion. If I find myself doing something I don’t have passion for, I cut it off ASAP or step back for a while.

You guys know I’m family oriented. Family means everything to me and I’m lucky to be surrounded by family in most aspect of my life. This, from friends to blogging to music to business and I CAN wait to create my own family. 

I could go on sharing a more about myself but this post would be even longer. I do see myself changing as I get older. I must say, my orientation to life has changed since I started working in the Homeless Sector. It’s taught me to be more grateful for what I  have and to make the most out of it by achieving more.

I bet you didn’t know I don’t have my ears pierced… don’t worry  you’re not the only one. A lot of my friends who’ve known me for years don’t know either!

See you soon


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